We appreciate the support of our community!

Matthew 5:42 -- Give the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.


One evening recently, we had to miss our last stop because of engine trouble. We, I’m sorry to say, didn’t think that anyone was relying on a peanut butter sandwich that night, but that’s exactly what one man was waiting for.


One of our volunteers spent time with this gentleman and he noticed his hand was shaking. He thought it was because of an illness so he asked. He found out that he hadn’t eaten since the afternoon before that because he thought that we would be there for dinner. He was shaking because he was so hungry, so we gave him extra sandwiches. We felt awful. Who would have thought that a peanut butter sandwich would become a staple? Something we take for granted is a matter of life and death to others.


We had the honor of helping 196 people this week. 

Our current needs our:

2 X-L SHORT SLEEVED SHIRTS (out of them)





There are several ways to find us on the Internet.  You can like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, Barb Davies@cucanteenrun, and www.cucanteenrun.org Finally, our email is cucanteenrun@gmail.com.   So if you have any questions or comments, one of us will respond to you.


Servants of Christ,

Barb Davies on behalf of Partnering Against Homelessness/Canteen Run